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BNED Courseware is an innovative new offering that lowers the cost of learning materials for a full suite of introductory courses, and assures frictionless first day of class delivery.  Using a combination of high-quality, curated OER, original content created by faculty experts, and our state-of-the-art technology platform LoudCloud, BNED Courseware is a complete, turnkey course ready to be implemented “as is” or easily personalized by any instructor.  Robust analytics provide actionable data that help to improve personalized learning and retention.  BNED Courseware is completely supported—from an instructional design team who can align course materials to your syllabus to our on-campus team who ensure the transaction, delivery and activation of your course goes smoothly.   By offering more affordable options at the bookstore, ensuring first day of class materials for every student—especially those with financial aid—and providing on-campus support, BNED Courseware is another example of how Barnes & Noble Education is continually evolving new ways to serve our partner schools.


About Barnes & Noble Education/

Barnes & Noble Education serves more than 5 million college students and faculty and is a strategic partner and collaborator to the 770 stores on campuses nationwide, delivering essential educational content and tools within a dynamic retail environment. Every day, we work to bring new solutions for affordable course materials; the latest in EdTech and digital learning platforms; and student support services that enhance academic outcomes.

Barnes & Noble Education LoudCloud builds software that improves learning. By focusing on 4 key areas – Learning Analytics, Competency Based Education, Learning Management, and Next Generation Learning Materials including advanced OER Courseware, BNED LoudCloud serves educators and students in higher education, and increasingly, K-12 institutions to address the challenges of affordability and retention.

Together with our campus partners, we strengthen each school’s mission, drive student success, and deliver an unmatched experience that supports strong revenue growth and continuous innovation. We are part of the fabric of our campuses, deeply committed to supporting and celebrating the social and academic aspirations of students, faculty, alumni and administrators.

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